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South Summit 2021 - The After-Match

South Summit 2021 - The After-Match

Codavel was nominated for the 10 finalists at South Summit 2021 for the Connectivity and Data track! Exciting, true, but we got even more excited for the opportunity to get back at events with face-to-face interactions. With people, real people, not a screen! 

South Summit is the biggest startup event in Southern Europe. We met hundreds of interesting entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts! Of course that our souvenirs helped a bit :)

One of our highest moments was getting back on stage and pitch Codavel to a jury and a live audience. That was a moment that will stick with us and one we would love to share with everyone. So I invite you to take three minutes and watch our “flash” pitch about how we ensure mobile apps don’t lose user engagement due to network connectivity issues.



In a nutshell, everyone hates a slow app. 🤬  If you have a mobile app, you know your users will run away if the experience is slow. But now, with Codavel, your users will get a perfect experience. For any user, on any network, anytime.

Talk with us at and start your free trial now!

Looking forward to the next South Summit!

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