Top 4 mobile app monitoring tools, from the network perspective

Measuring the user experience is key to a successful app and a bad user experience can cost a lot of money. Therefore, you should always assume app improvement as a continuous process that includes monitoring and testing.

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Google flagged non-HTTPS websites as “Not Secure” - and that’s not a big deal

If you are a tech addict (as I am), you have probably seen a lot of posts, news, and tweets about the new Chrome 68 update and the fact that it enables a new User Interface (UI) change. It flags all non-HTTPS websites (which means websites that are

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Can Blockchain CDNs be the next big thing?

There has been a big discussion about how can blockchain fix content distribution and become the next revolution in content delivery (in particular, this Forbes article caught my eye). Blockchain is usually associated with cryptocurrencies like

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