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App Performance Café Podcast

App Performance Café Podcast


At Codavel, our mission is to help mobile apps ensure every user gets the best experience possible, regardless of user location, device or network, or content nature or source. In other words, we’re all about improving mobile apps’ performance.

But what is mobile app performance? The good thing is that app performance includes a wide variety of topics and techniques, so there is a lot to be done. But that’s also a problem. For example, when hiring a new team member that is new to the performance topic, what should he or she be learning first? From where?

Learning about mobile app performance is very hard because knowledge is too spread apart. On top of a knowledge base we’re building (we’ll share more on that soon), I decided to take the crazy step of starting a podcast on mobile app performance, the App Performance Café!

The concept is simple. Throughout my life, I have always felt that the moments where I learn the most are those relaxed conversations with experts on a given topic. Given that a relaxed coffee always brings an insightful conversation and, when it comes to mobile app performance, coffee is always a useful tool, the App Performance Café sounded like a good idea to learn more about mobile app performance.

Throughout multiple episodes, I’ll bring industry experts for an informal conversation around the vast world of mobile app performance. Guests will share the challenges and obstacles, strategies, and lessons learned when building top-performing mobile apps. Across multiple episodes, we'll cover the connection of mobile app performance with topics like networking, infrastructure, monitoring, UX, business metrics, app development, security, and performance culture, to name a few.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback! This is a new experience for me, so every feedback will be welcomed.

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I hope you like it!